I have meant to get back to you with some feedback, but i have been too busy breathing from my center with ease to get to the computer!  Honestly, though, the results have been just great (even though I know I'm not remembering some of the exercises correctly).  My breathing is not at all trapped in my chest anymore and I feel very good despite a lot of stress.

Chrisanthi B.

I have been doing the PACE with my pre-schoolers for one week. I have noticed a considerable increase in their concentration abilities. They are very much engaged in what we do and even if the door of the classroom is open and the other kids are in a break my own students can still focus on what we are doing.

Tatiana G.

I am an English teacher and give private classes. One day I went to a class with 8 year old Michael. His parents had just had a fight and he had quarreled with his brother. He was distraught and in no mood for a class.

Mara L.

I regularly use Brain Gym movement and do PACE every morning when I get up.

Kalliopi P.

Ever since I did the 4 day Brain Gym 101 training, I have been using Brain Gym on a regular basis.

Danae M.

I never thought I would say that something so simple as PACE would help me in something so terrible as a fight with my boyfriend but it did!

Ioanna P.

I do PACE before my volleyball games and I feel more focused during the game,

Vassiliki X.

Since I did the Brain Gym1 training with Maria – I did it with my 15 year old daughter – we do it every day before leaving for school.

Alexandra I.

Whenever I use PACE if find I can better follow what is going on in the classroom.

Maria L.

I use PACE to calm down and concentrate before my exams.

Heleni P.

I very hesitantly started using  PACE in my classroom. I am a high school teacher and was wondering what the reaction of my students might be.

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