Support Yourself Summercamp 2012

4-17 July

SYS 2012 will take place at the Center of Kinesthetic Intelligence, in Athens with the participation of well known and respected Educational Kinesiology and Touch For Health Instructors from Germany and Spain.

We are excited as this is going to be a wonderful opportunity for anyone wishing to explore the world of Touch For Health or study the more advanced courses of Educational Kinesiology with the possible aim of becoming a Brain Gym® certified Consultant or Instructor while enjoying the beauties and mystery of Athens and basking under the sun shining down on the Acropolis Hill.

Suggested hotels:

all three hotels are very close to the Center of Kinesthetic Intelligence. The first two about 2min walking the third one about 5min away. Situated in Plaka and the Acropolis area, of easy access to the red metro line and easy to reach from the airport, the area is of the most beautiful in Athens.

Workshop prices are 100€ per person per day. The prices include teaching manuals in English and professional interpretation from English into Greek. VAT at 23% is not included in the prices.

All courses are taught in English. For those of you joining us from Germany, please let us know if you would rather have a German manual for the course you are taking as both Renate Wennekes and Simone Blume will be coming from Germany and can bring those with them.

SYS 2012 Programme :

Touch For Health 1:
– 4-6 July 2012

Touch For Health 2: -6-8 July 2012. The recognized by Touch For Health Foundation for both these seminars is Simone Blume. Those present at our first SYS in 2008 will surely remember her sense of humor, her knowledge, her generosity in sharing it and her big heart. You may read more about Simone HERE. Touch For Health training is for everyone wishing to learn a new tool to incorporate in their own work as Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists etc as well as for those wishing to avail themselves of an easy to use tool that will help them maintain the levels of their energy or increase it. The certificate given at the end of each training is recognized by Touch For Health Foundation and that means you can use it if you later on decide to continue your studies in this field.

Introductory Brain Gym Workshop: afternoon of 6 of July. An excellent way to introduce yourself to the world of Brain Gym. In these four hours you will get information about the theoretical basis of Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology and will learn practical tools that you can use with yourselves, your children or your students.

Goal Setting: We all know what we don’t like or what we would like to change. However, few of us are clear about where we want to go! Goal setting is of capital importance for a successful balance. It is touched upon in Brain Gym®101 where we learn about the basic characteristics of a goal that supports us (Positive, Active, Clear and Energetic) but I have often found that most students need more clarity and much more practice in setting clear goals. During these 3 hours we will explore Goal-Setting together so each participant can feel more confident in his or her ability to set goal for which he or she can later balance. Goal- Setting is indeed an art and it takes patience and practice to get it right. It requires active listening and good noticing skills and it is helpful to know where we want to go whether we are in a kinesiology session or not!

Maria Karakostanoglou is the trainer for this course. Maria is an Intern for International Faculty at Brain Gym International and passionate about the importance of noticing and intentional movement for any type of change. She believes that each person coming for a balance or a training knows best what s good for them and her work as a consultant or instructor is to allow the person easier access to this inner wisdom. She loves teaching Brain Gym® and thinks Goal-Setting is one of the most challenging and inspiring parts of this work.

In Depth - 7 Dimensions of Intelligence: 10-13 of July. This is the basic advanced seminar of Educational kinesiology and the backbone of our work in Edu K. It is open to anyone that has done at least Brain Gym®101 and it explores in more depth the already know three dimensions of laterality, centering and focus while also introducing another 4 dimensions, namely those of our Inner Strength, Own Rhythm, Motivation and Body Regulators. It also introduces the four digital modes used by Edu K, Structure, Energy, Personal Ecology and Emotion. This course literally opens a new window into the noticing of ourselves and gives to each participant the chance to work on own issues or limiting beliefs during the many balances throughout those 5 days. The use of muscle testing is a pre-requisite.

Renate Wennekes is our Instructor for this course. Renate is an International Faculty Member of Brain Gym® International and the creator of Developmental Kinesiology. With over 30 years of experience and unyielding passion for what she does she empowers her students and is a live example of bringing out the hidden innate intelligence of everyone she works with. Those of you that were present in our first SYS in 2008 and took her class on Reflexes will remember the playful ways she used games to integrate them. She is the founder of one of Germany’s most renown kinesiology institutes, IKL.

Optimum Brain Organization and Movement Dynamics: 15-17 of July. This is an ideal seminar for educators and parents. In it we learn about our basic learning profile, how to recognize that of our students, how to balance in order for all our abilities and skills to be available to us for our chosen goal. New balances are taught and it builds on what we learned on the Dynamic Brain in Action on the basic Brain Gym®101 course. Its pre-requisite is Brain Gym®101. Movement Dynamics is a course on its own right. It introduces new ways of working with movement, teaches new balances and around 35 new midline movements. In this course only the movements will be taught without the balances. In fact it is an opportunity to experience just how one dimension flows and supports or challenges the others and just why intentional movement is important for learning.

Trainers for this course: Carlota Lopez Peredo and Maria Karakostanoglou. Both are Interns for International Faculty at Brain Gym International. Carlota is an educator with a vast experience in working with teams. It is the first time she is teaching at SYS and we are really happy and lucky to have her with us Maria is passionate about the gift of noticing that Brain Gym gives to those willing to take and play with it and feels it is a sine-qua-non tool that can support us in our daily lives especially during periods of rapid changes like the one we are going through now.

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