Effective Home Study Workshop

Are you tired of quarrelling EVERY day with your children about their home study? Are the children tired of having to spend long hours studying without always getting their efforts’ worth back?

This is a group workshop that will make home studying easier and will teach you and your children tools to use at home before studying. These tools are specific physical exercises that are easy to do and the results are immediately noticeable.

Let your friends and your children’s friends know and come together!

"I am a good ENOUGH mother for my child"

Young or new mothers have just stepped into a whole new world! Although this is probably THE biggest change in a woman's life, children rarely come with an instructions manual! They do come with plenty of well-meant advice from other mothers, our mothers, mothers-in-law, sisters, specialists, doctors, friends, neighbors, even strangers! It seems that everyone and anyone has something to say about what is best for your child. And as a young mother, you often listen. What happens is that in the process young mothers sometimes loose the connection with their innate wisdom. They forget that THEY are the mothers and if they could just be still and listen inside they would really know what is best for their child or which advice is the best for them to follow. I feel very strongly about this topic. By reconnecting with this inner strength and knowing, mothers will be able to best support their children and themselves.

"Help! I am going to become a mother"!

Becoming a mother is hailed as the best thing that can happen to a woman. You hear so many congratulations and so many expressions of joy and happiness. And everyone tells you just how lucky you are! And lucky you are indeed. However, this is often half the picture. Very often, this huge change is a woman's life comes with fears, doubts and stress. And equally often, because it is such a joyful event, young mothers-to-be don't feel they have the right to express those fears to anyone. In this workshop we will be working through the fears and worries in order for this period of our lives to be as serene and happy as it can be.

These workshops are organized at different times throughout the year or upon request for a minimum of 6 participants. If you wish us to run one specifically and exclusively for you, do get in touch with us! It will be our pleasure and since this is going to be a private group, the workshop can also be done to a location of your choice within the general area of Athens.

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