I have meant to get back to you with some feedback, but i have been too busy breathing from my center with ease to get to the computer!  Honestly, though, the results have been just great (even though I know I'm not remembering some of the exercises correctly).  My breathing is not at all trapped in my chest anymore and I feel very good despite a lot of stress.

Homeplay has been a bit sketchy as my daughter has been ill since Saturday and my husband is out of town. So when I remember I try to at least do a little something, whether it's the energy buttons or the cross crawl or some goofy version of the tickling the giraffe exercise.  I sent my husband off on his trip to the States with instructions for putting his hands together at the fingertips (he has a LOT of talking to do).

This Thursday is American Thanksgiving and since Dana and I will be celebrating together we cannot make the class.  But next week you will see me on Thursday for sure.

I think it is very funny that you felt my arms and then offered me an exercise that's good for sleep and deadlines.  My achilles' heels #1 and 2.

See you next week.  Thanks for offering the group class as it's the difference between my being able to attend and just wishing I could...



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