Brain Gym® is a programme of physical activities that enhance the learning skills of people of all ages.

It consists of 26 easy-to-do movements that bring on fast and often impressive improvement on concentration, memory, reading, writing, organization, listening, physical coordination etc. Brain Gym® develops neuropathways the way nature does, that is through movement.

Kinesthetic Education is the learning through movement and was developed by Dr Paul Dennison and Gail Dennison through extensive research in areas such as education, brain function, psychology and Applied Kinesiology.

Based on his knowledge of the interrelationship between physical development, speech learning and academic success, Dr Dennison created simple yet effective moves to support the learning skills of his students. Nowadays these techniques that he continues to develop with the help of his wife Gail, are taught and used in thousands of schools, sports coaching programmes, institutions and companies worldwide. Published reports attest to their effectiveness and this is how it is integrated more and more in various training, education or sports programmes.

You may read more on Brain Gym® on the official Brain Gym® International website and you may also subscribe to the Brain Gym Global Observer and follow how this programme is being used in enterprises, schools and institutions worldwide.

Brain Gym® will help in:

• Increasing self respect

• Effective use of time

• Timely identification and release of stress

• Increasing awareness and respect for personal intelligence, private space and the body

• Acquiring unique tools for team building, cooperation development and co-creation

• Increasing efficiency in daily activities which will result in a better and more productive use of the available time

• Improving writing, reading, mathematics, spelling, report writing, learning by heart, remembering, attention and concentration.

More specifically for Pre-School and Kindergarten School children:

• Leaning the family

• Adjusting in an unknown environment

• Socializing with other children

• Bed wetting

• Aggressive behavior

• Nail biting

• Jealousy toward younger or elder siblings

• Lack of concentration

• Hyperactivity

• Attention problems

• Hand/Eyes/Feet/Body Coordination

• Balance issues

Brain Gym® can support Primary School children in subjects like:

• Reading

• Writing

• Understanding of the letters they need to write as well as the meaning of what they are writing

• Arithmetic

• School absenteeism

• Lack of concentration

• Adjusting in the new environment

• Home study

Business men will benefit from the use of Brain Gym® on issues such as:

• Time management

• Priority setting

• Public presentation

• Tolerance towards the limits of colleagues, suppliers, coworkers and themselves

• Report writing

• Confidence in taking on new positions or greater responsibilities

• Greater tolerance when the result is less than expected and increased trust in the person’s ability to achieve the desired outcome.

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