Touch for Health, TFH
(John F. Thie, DC. - USA)

Educational Kinesiology / Brain Gym

(Paul Dennison - USA)

Three in One Concepts – 3in1 Concepts
(Gordon Stokes - USA)

Wellness Kinesiology
(Wayne W. Topping, PhD. - USA)

Applied Physiology, AP
(Richard D. Utt - USA)

Developmental Kinesiology
(Renate Wennekes – Germany)

LEAP - Learning Enhancement Advanced Program
(Charles T. Krebs - Australia / Susan McCrossin - USA)

Cyberkinetics - Cybernetic Kinesiology
(Alan Sales - England, UK)

Other interesting links
Τα πάντα για τη νέα βιωματκή μέθοδο Walking in your shoes. Βιωματικά σεμινάρια, εναλλακτικά εργαστήρια, ...
Frosso Papadopoulou, Family Constellations therapists based on the work of Bert Hellinger. Not only very efficient in what she does but a person with the highest level of integrity.
Bill Hubert’s site where you will find everything you want to know on his amazing method of Balance-Auditory-Visual Integration Exercises we use at the Center of Kinesthetic Intelligence to support reading, writing, auditory processing difficulties and much more.
Dr Marina Angeli MD, holistic psychiatrist
Emotional Freedom Techniques, Ipatios Varelas
Centre for Non Violent Communication
Supporting Natural Childbirth

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