EFT: the energetic way for emotional and psychosomatic release. Gary Craig.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques consists of a number of easy, fast and innovative techniques for immediate relief or complete resolution of problems linked to “negative” emotions. Such emotions are for example:

• Emotional stress of any kind, intensity and reason (fear, grief, anger, panic etc.)
• Psychosomatic problems (headaches, stomachaches, tensions and chronic muscles pains etc)
• Negative beliefs blocking personal development and wellbeing

EFT is used by:

•    Anyone wishing to overcome any personal emotional or psychosomatic problem or limitation or wishes to help someone dear to do so
•    Professionals for the support of their clients.

Professionals using EFT are for example: psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, mental health professionals, sports coaches, life coaches, teachers etc.

For more information please visit www.eftuniverse.com, www.eft.gr, www.thetappingsolution.com

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